What is

It is a website that was created by me and Tresmos. It is a custom uploader which everyone can signup for free and start uploading their images, videos or files! You can set and start using with desktop apps like ShareX (Windows), KShare (Linux), MagicCap (Linux, Mac) or your favourite screen capturing tool that supports custom uploaders!

What's cool about it?

Using a custom uploader with such programs means that you can generate custom URLs. Instead of using URLs from Imgur, or other image services, with using, you'll get a special sub-domain for the username of your choice and you will upload your files under that sub-domain. When you upload a picture, our service will return you a link to your file with your name in it: 😳

How do you trust us?

We are two friends who's trying their best to gain your trust and create stuff that you, our users, would use. We encrypt all of the data (passwords, files) you share with our service. Though we are not responsible of any "misuse" of our service, we care about your privacy and we will never sell your data, never.

Are you ready?

Click here to create your first account! Or click here if you have any more questions!